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Hand Bouquets

For orders and enquiries, please Call or WhatsApp directly to us +6016-6397151 / +6016-3316677 / +6017-3377862.

Show that you care by sending hand bouquet for birthday, congratulation for anniversary, graduation & achievements.

* Owing to imperfect market conditions, we reserve the rights to replace any items with another of an equivalent or higher value without prior notice.
Gerbera daisy hand bouquet
HB101 RM100.00
Roses flower hand bouquet
HB102 RM100.00
yellow gerberas hand bouquet
WF103 RM100.00
Ferrero Rocher hand bouquet
HB121 RM120.00
Roses gerbera daisy flower hand bouquet
HB122 RM120.00
Lily lilies flower hand bouquet
HB123 RM120.00
pink roses hand bouquet
HB151 RM150.00
Sunflower roses graduation hand bouquet
HB152 RM150.00
rose flower hand bouquet
HB153 RM150.00
Yellow lily lilies hand bouquet
HB154 RM150.00
mother's day valentine roses flower hand bouquet
HB155 RM150.00
mother's day carnation flower hand bouquet
HB161 RM160.00
mother's day roses lily flower hand bouquet
HB181 RM180.00
mother's day roses flower hand bouquet
HB182 RM180.00
mother's day mix roses lily flower hand bouquet
HB201 RM200.00
mother's day roses flower hand bouquet
HB202 RM200.00
roses flower hand bouquet
HB203 RM200.00
Pink Carnation statis hand bouquet
HB204 RM200.00
50 stalks of red roses hand bouquet
HB401 RM400.00
red champagne roses ferrero rocher hand bouquet
HB402 RM400.00